Do you want the market's best ball machine for padel?

Padelmaster is, in our opinion, by far the best ball machine for padel on the market. Read more on the page below or click the button below to send an expression of interest.

“With Padelmaster, I can build my own training programs in the app. I make the programs as match-like as possible and train large volumes.”

Daniel Appelgren (one of the best player in Sweden)

See Daniel Appelgren training with Padelmaster

That's why Padelmaster is the market's best ball machine

  • Match-like training that no other ball machine can offer
  • Simple and user-friendly app (unique on the market)
  • You can build your own training programs for padel (unique on the market)
  • You can save your own training programs in the app (unique on the market)
  • The market’s most reliable machine*
  • Thanks to the technology, Padelmaster is used by players at the highest level in Sweden. So far, Lebrón, Galan, Bela, Paquita, Chingotto and others have not tested Padelmaster; )
  • Simple, fast and efficient – Set the machine in place, take a position, 2-5 clicks in the app (takes between 2 – 7 seconds) and then you are started with the training.
  • By far the most padel-related training programs
  • Each individual component is selected and tested to maximize the quality of the machine. Many components are expensive, which means a high manufacturing cost, but we know that we and our customers profit from it in the long run
  • Moves the ejector mechanism vertically and horizontally faster than other machines
  • Has a faster feeding function than other machines, which means that the machine can shoot balls at faster intervals.
  • Combinations of faster ejection mechanism and faster feeding function make the Padelmaster, as the only machine in the world, truly meets the needs of padel players and padel coaches.

Build your own training programs

Padelmaster is, at the moment, the only ball machine in the world that offers the user to build their own training programs. Before long, users will also be able to share training programs with each other. In practice, this means that a coach can share a customized program with his students. See an example of a program below:

Simple and user-friendly app

In order for a padel hall to have satisfied customers who return and quickly get a positive experience, it is super important to:

Getting started is easy
That it is possible to quickly find the settings for the shots or series of shots/training programs you want to practice
That the training session is experienced as effective and that the user develops

That’s why we at Bollmaskin Sweden have developed an app that is extremely user-friendly. When you have set up the ball machine on the court and taken your position, it is between 2 and 5 clicks before you start your training. 2 clicks when you select one of your saved training programs or strokes. 5 clicks when selecting a default program or default beat. Below you can see how simple it is.

If you represent a Padel center - why work with us?

The best ball machine on the market
Over time, the ball machines will develop, we stay updated and continuously supply our padel centers with the best ball machine on the market.

Service and Support
Together with our padel centers, we have developed exactly what is required to be able to build a local training culture, and here Service and Support are very important. In case of downtime, call our technical support, if we don’t solve the problem over the phone/video call, we will immediately send you a new working machine. Delivery time is usually 1-3 working days, which means that you as a hall will not get rid of the ball machine for an extended period of time. The broken machine is collected from you.

Step by step onboarding
There is a lot to be done when you get a ball machine. We know exactly what needs to be done and we share a detailed step by step onboarding.

Ongoing education and recommendations
How do you get customers to start training with a ball machine? We have failed with lots of activities and marketing efforts. We have chosen communication that does not produce the desired effect. We have used images and videos that do not work. BUT above all, we also know what works and we share that with you on an ongoing basis.

Satisfied customer guarantee
After working for over three years with padel halls, we are so confident with our service and our machines that we offer all customers/partners a satisfied customer guarantee. If you are not satisfied after three months, you get your money back.

Longest experience and satisfied customers
The padel ball machine industry is relatively young. With three years of experience, we are probably the business in Sweden with the longest experience. The fact that we who run Bollmaskin Sweden have a natural aptitude for customer service and good relationships is probably the reason why we have succeeded so well. Of our currently 37 customers, only one has terminated the agreement. The reason for the dismissal was that a new company took over the hall and that they needed to cut all costs.

Be one of the first to have Padelmaster at your padel center

It is possible to build a local training culture and thus create an additional source of income with ball machines that are not at the same level as Padelmaster, but just like with other services and products, a larger percentage of end users will over time choose the hall that has the best ball machine. Are you/you interested in being one of the first halls with padel masts, fill in the form below or give us a signal.

If you want to buy a Padelmaster for private use

We will soon start selling Padelmaster to private individuals. Since it is a premium ball unique technology and great usability the price will be higher then other ball machines at the market. Just fill in the form below and we will contact you when we start selling Padelmaster.

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